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Save families facing extreme loss due to Assam floods

Already grappling with Covid-19, Assam is now facing the wrath of a deadly flood. Unusually heavy monsoon rainfall has caused the mighty river Brahmaputra to burst its banks, affecting around 30 districts and distressing lakhs of people all across the state. Almost the entire of the Kaziranga National Park, a world heritage site and home to various threatened species of animals, lies submerged.

The death toll due to floods in Assam is rising with every passing day and has almost crossed a 100. With the continuing monsoon and many villages in waist-deep water, many have had to find temporary shelter.

Lives lost and displaced, Assam is in need of our support. Your donation will help members of marginalised communities affected by the flood to rebuild their lives with essentials like ration items, shelter and livelihood support.


Give’s trusted NGO partners working in Assam identify beneficiaries and urgent relief needs

Funds are disbursed through our trusted nonprofit partners who will adhere to Give’s due diligence network

Give will receive regular disbursement updates and carry out verification processes whenever feasible


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How can you help

1,000 will provide one family:

  • A week’s stock of rations
  • Relief essentials like tarpaulin, water tablets, mosquito net etc
  • Creating an Impact

    Provide temporary shelter to those who have lost their homes

    Save affected families from hunger

    Prevent the outbreak of water-borne diseases

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